Coworking space

Why choose our service?

Several positive directions in which we want to be useful:

  1. Flexibility – You decide when and where to work. You have the complete freedom to use any available workstation in the office. The time you spend here is at your discretion. Whether it’s for an hour or a day, a month or a year – it depends entirely on your need.
  2. Efficiency – When renting or even buying an office, the first consideration is always price. Of course, it is related to the size of the space and often this is a non-trivial issue. In addition, let’s not forget about the bills, which happen to rise frequently due to inflation. While using a shared space includes all these bills and a number of other benefits in its price, you have to personally take care of them in a traditional office.
  3. Productivity – A social atmosphere encourages work, stimulates and is not put off until the next day. At home, we get lazier, distracted and happen to fail to complete our tasks on time. Surrounding ourselves with others like us, with professionals and active people, is an incentive and motivation that makes us useful for ourselves and our business.
  4. Socialization – Feeling isolated and alone. In the shared space you will meet and interact with people, whether in your area of competence and interest or completely different fields. You will have opportunities for new introductions, collaborations, and why not friendships.
  5. Networking – Surrounding yourself with focused professionals of excellence is a prerequisite for endless networking opportunities. You never know who you will come across and who you will meet to assist you in growing your business. Lasting acquaintanceships are formed with the potential to grow into future business partnerships.
  6. Benefits – Shared spaces are not only a place to work, but also offer additional benefits. Reverse osmosis purified water, coffee and tea, high speed wireless internet access, air conditioning, a place to rest, food nearby… You combine convenience and necessity and focus on your work.

At YocoWork, we can provide all that and we try to give more. Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself. And why not visit us for free? We are located in a wonderful central location in the city of Varna.